If you’re seeking more adventure near Whistler, BC, head further north towards Green Lake, Wedgmount Lake, Nairn Falls, Lilloet Lake and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. There are a ton of amazing stops even further North if you’re down for the long drive, including at Wells Grey Provincial Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park.
Green Lake Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Wedgemount Lake Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Nairn Falls Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Joffre Lakes Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Joffre Lakes Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
If you go in the summer time, just be aware the Joffre Lake hike is packed. Go in the winter and you’ll wanna pack your snowshoes. Also take in another staple just south of Whistler, Garibaldi Lake.
Photographer: @mktgfc x @stevekojima
Image Itinerary: for hikes just north of Whistler, BC: