Vancouver, BC, offers so many opportunities within the City to chill at top parks, beaches, and tourist attractions, but if you’re looking for one-day get-aways beyond the easy hikes, you’ve also got a lot of options there, too. Best day trips from Vancouver, BC, include simple boat rides to Granville Island and the North Shore, or extended boat trips with whale watching companies like Sewell’s and our fav, Prince of Whales.
Ferry to Granville Island or the North Shore – Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Granville Island Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
North Vancouver Seabus Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
North Vancouver Quay Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
North Van offers uniques views. Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Marina Adventures. Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Whale Watching Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Whale Watching Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
You have to take on a whale watching tour if you can find the time and funds ’cause you’ll love the experience. Other somewhat pricey but potentially worthy options include a drive up into North Vancouver to experience the Cap Suspension Bridge, Skywalk and Grouse Gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain and the ‘Peak of Vancouver’. On your way up or down, you can also make a stop at the Cleveland Dam.
Cap Suspension Bridge Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Skywalk Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Cleveland Dam Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Grouse Mountain Image Itinerary x @mktgfc
Image Itinerary: For day-trips from Vancouver, BC, here’s your starter image itinerary:
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