Bali is an amazing getaway as it offers luscious nature at an affordable price. This Indonesian island is well known for its forests, yoga, surf retreats and beaches, and you can do this trip on a budget or baller salary. So, where should you go within Bali? Fly into Denpasar for some good surf, then head to Ubud to hit a good hotel – ie. Bisma Eight. Also, be sure to escape to Gili Air.
Denpasar is often the easiest flight into Bali, so you may as well start here and head straight to the nearby beaches and cliffs, including Bingin Beach, Karma Beach, and the Uluwatu Mountains. We’d recommend finding a shack near the water, and spending as much time on the beach surfing. Splurge later when you later head into the city centre.
Bingin Beach x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc
Karma Beach x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc
Uluwatu Cliff x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc

Ubud is a bustling city in the heart of Bali and is definitely worth a stop. Influencers should also try and check-in to Bisma Eight while in Bali – the hotel has some amazing offerings including a beauty infinity pool, complimentary yoga and breakfast. Walk to the city market and monkey forest, then rent a driver to go to the nearby Bali Rice Fields.
Bisma Eight Bali x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc
UBud City Centre x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc
Bali Rice Fields x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc

Canggu is another surf town in Bali with some cool spots including more yoga retreats and good eats – check out The Loft on the main strip for a staple acai bowl. We recommend using this though as a stopover, before you head to the more secluded Gili Air Islands.
Canggu – The Loft x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc

Gili Air
Gili Air Islands are remote, accessible only via boat. There’s also no cars allowed on the small islands so you can sneak around via foot or bike. Some hotels offer free bike rentals so grab those early and make the small cycle around the whole of the Island.
Gili Air x @imageitinerary x @mktgfc

Location: Bali. Model: Caley Dimmock @cjdimmock. Photographer: @mktgfc x @stevekojima

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